Top 3 Ways to Help Your Child this Year

With the first marking period quickly coming to a close, many parents may be realizing that the child is struggling in school. Whether this is an ongoing struggle or something new, here are some ways you can help your child succeed in school this year.

1. Check Homework

Kids want to know that their parents are just as invested in their education as they or their teachers are. Telling them “Education is important” and not checking homework or saying that you yourself can’t do it when they ask sends mixed signals. Most often, if your child doesn’t think you care, they won’t care either. It may seem inconvenient, especially after a long day, but they will appreciate it in the long run.

2. Check in With their Teachers

In 9th grade, my English and History teachers pushed me because my mom told them I enjoyed those subjects and was good in them. Knowing your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses allows you to check with the teachers of these subjects to make sure your child is succeeding or what you need to do to help them do better. This also gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to the teachers if you missed the back-to-school night. The teachers will appreciate it and this will open a door to communication that will be beneficial for years to come.

3. Hire a Tutor

Before you roll your eyes and say “Nobody has the money for that” or “I don’t want some stranger around my kid,” hear me out.  Tutors with reasonable rates can be found on sites such as Wyzant and These sites require tutors to input their years of experience, describe whether they are or were a classroom teacher, and complete a background check. Parents can input their needs and general location and view the tutor’s profile. Your child is able to use their classroom textbooks while still receiving a different approach to the subject.

These tips are not a cure-all for a struggling student, but they are simple, easy to do steps that parents can take to help their child(ren) have a successful school year.

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